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Don’t throw it away; it can be used in some other way

We work with companies across all sectors and industries to recycle excess packaging material made from cardboard. We can recycle plastics, plastic films and wood too.

We are completely motivated to reduce the amount of plastic & cardboard that end up in a landfill. Reducing the carbon footprint of our customer collections is also of paramount importance to us.​​

How we make it



Waste audits and reports

When analysing costs and environmental savings, we recommend a recycling audit. The purpose of this is to correctly advise of the most effective process for dealing your recyclable material. This process includes: 


  • Analysis of each customer's current set of procedures, rates and recycling costs

  • Identify the categories and materials being currently generated

  • Understand the operational and logistical constraints, such as space and movement of recyclables and access within the facility

  • Provide a cost-benefit review to suggest improvements to the current recycling systems

  • Show the potential of environmental savings through increasing recycling rates and volume


We can provide our customers with a recycling report detailing the type and weight of recyclable materials collected if required. This information may be used external sustainability and compliance reporting purposes.​


Recognition and Rewards
Caring about natural resources and the sustainability of the environment can create a positive image and a point of difference to you, your business, your clients and your customers; We at are on hand to help you unlock essential cost and environmental savings.
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