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Recycle with each and every day, instead of throwing paper and plastic away

Services - Recycling Card/Cardboard/OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard)


At we not only cover Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk and surrounding counties for the collection of card and cardboard for recycling, we also collect across the entire UK Mainland including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds; from Cornwall to the top of Scotland.


We collect from all businesses; from offices, factories, supermarkets, packhouses, shops, to local authorities, health authorities and schools. Once you have compacted and strapped your cardboard, we can then collect the compacted mini bales or mill sizes bales from your site which helps to reduce your transport costs and carbon footprint.

Once collected we bring the material back to our Main Recycling Facility to process and send onward for the next stage of the recycling process.

What happens to the cardboard next?

The cardboard bales are brought back centrally into our Main Recycling Facility. It is here that all the bales are broken-down and quality sorted, graded and assessed what is suitable for recycling. It is then weighed on-site. 

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Yes please 

-Clean corrugated cardboard


No thank you

-Wet or sodden cardboard, Non-recyclable plastics, Any food contamination


After a final quality check, the cardboard is then fed onto the loading conveyor or directly by forklift or telehandler into our 150 tonne press baling machine. Our baler turns the loose cardboard into 600 to 750Kg sized Mill Bales which are wire tied and stored on-site until full lorry loads are made ready to transport to the Paper Mills. 


The final destination

The mill sized bales are then loaded by forklift into containers for export around Europe and the rest of the World. The vehicle holds 26.5 tonnes of cardboard on a full container. We always run to the Paper Mills with a full load to maximise weight on each truck to reduce both vehicle movements and carbon footprint.

graphic showing cardboard recycling process
Cardboard Mill
Collect/Processor (Green Recycling)

When the cardboard reaches the mill it is first put through a de-inking process and is then pulled and boiled as a pulp to break down the fibres. The next step is to remove any waste contaminants. The pulp is then formed into paper and wound into large reels. The recycled paper is then turned into new cardboard and other paper products.


Knowing the journey from the consumer to collection, to processing and the final link of the chain at the cardboard mill completes the journey of this product. Our customers can be reassured and have complete peace of mind of where their waste products end up.


Why should cardboard be recycled?

  • It is great for the environment

  • It saves trees from being felled and saves natural resources

  • Carbon footprint is reduced as it takes less energy to recycle cardboard compared to manufacturing new material

  • Less waste to landfill

  • It saves money



We can provide you with recycling data for all collections if required.


Other collections material types

To discuss your wooden pallet or plastic recycling requirements please contact us on our on-line enquiry form


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